Presentation of the 2016 World Energy Outlook

CIEP/Ministry of Economic Affairs
KIVI/NIRIA Prinsessegracht 23, 2514 AP Den Haag
17 November 2016
Invitation only
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Video of 16 November 2015 London Launch:

 Presentation slides:



  • 12:30: Welcome and Lunch
  • 13.30: Presentation WEO 2016 by Tim Gould followed by a response of Bert Roukens, Ministry of Economic Affairs and a discussion under the Chatham House Rule
  • 15:00: end of programme

Short Introduction:

At a critical juncture for the global energy system, the 2016 World Energy Outlook - the IEA's flagship publication - offers essential insights into what today's market conditions and policy decisions mean for future global trends. The new Outlook, to be released on 16 November, provides detailed updates of the prospects for all fuels, regions and technologies, including energy efficiency, in different scenarios out to 2040. The 2016 edition focuses in particular on:

  • The impact of COP21: what do the country pledges made in Paris mean for the energy sector - and how close do they get to reaching climate objectives in full?
  • Renewable energy: renewables are the central pillar of a low-carbon future, what opportunities and challenges does a rising share of renewable energy open up for the energy system as a whole?
  • The road ahead for fossil fuels: how are coal, oil and gas adjusting to today's market conditions and how will they fare in the energy transition?
  • Energy security: what do today's energy investment trends tell us about the reliability of tomorrow's energy supply; and is enough being doing to bring access to energy for all
  • Energy and water: energy depends on water, and water requires energy - what are the vulnerabilities that this implies for the world's energy and water provision in the future?