Presentation IEA/ WEO 2017

CIEP/Ministerie van Economische Zaken en Klimaat
Huys Clingendael
23 November 2017
Contact Maurits Kreijkes


The global energy scene is in a state of flux. Large-scale shifts include the rapid deployment and steep declines in the costs of major renewable energy technologies; the growing importance of electricity in energy use across the globe; profound changes in China's economy and energy policy, moving consumption away from coal; and the continued surge in shale gas and tight oil production in the United States. These changes provide the backdrop for the World Energy Outlook 2017 (WEO-2017), which includes a full update of energy demand and supply projections to 2040 in different scenarios, accompanied by detailed analyses of their impact on energy industries and investment, as well as implications for energy security and the environment.

The WEO-2017 includes a major fuel focus on natural gas. The outlook for gas markets is evolving rapidly under pressure from two revolutions: the shale revolution, led by the United States, and the LNG revolution that is testing traditional gas business and pricing models. The new Outlook also investigates the wider opportunities and uncertainties for gas in the transition to a cleaner energy system, including its role in tackling local pollution as well as the risk of methane emissions.

14.00 Reception
14.30 Opening Coby van der Linde
14.40 Presentation of WEO 2017 by Tim Gould, IEA
15.10 Response on the Gas sector chapter, Annie Krist, Gasterra
15.25 Response: The Netherlands and its neighbouring countries; challenges for energy policymaking, Pieter Boot, PBL
15.40 Discussion Tim Gould, Pieter Boot, Bert Roukens (EZ), Annie Krist
16.30 Drinks

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