NW EU energy sytem transition and energy markets


General Description

Twice a year, CIEP organises a training day for young professionals and other professionals who are new to the energy sector.

In many poliy discussions, energy transition is usually aproached sector by sector. For instance mobility, electricity generation, heating for homes and offices and industrial heat. With the focus on the 2030 policy goals of EU member states, stimulating solar and wind is not enough and more drastic changes to the energy systems in the EU must be started. We will focus on the developments in policymaking and market developments in NW Europe to study the logic and approaches of the various member states.     

The CIEP November 2019 Energy Training is aimed at gaining insights in this process of change with participants. A central question is if the policy choices of NW EU member states match or that national approaches prevail?


The complete programme for the day is available from September 2019 onwards   

Date and venue

Thursday 28 November 2019 at Huys Clingendael, Clingendael 7, The Hague, The Netherlands.    


For more information, please contact  Wendy Auf dem Brinke, or at +31 (0) 70 374 6700.