Long-Term prospects for Northwest European refining

CIEP, April 2016
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This study assesses the post-2025 northwest European (NWE) refining sector on the back of increasing competition from non-European refining clusters (mainly in the Middle East) and the upcoming transition to a low-carbon economy.

We foresee a potential return to the source refining model, in which NWE demand for petroleum products in the coming decades will be supplied by more oil product imports from outside Europe due to insufficient investments in the NWE refining sector. These developments may both affect NWE security of supply and bequeath society with a refining legacy of unprecedented proportions.

Overall, this study can serve as a point of departure for further discussions on the implications of an imminent restructuring of the refining sector in NWE.

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A current map of the  (posted 22 April 2016 in Other Work)

An overview of developments in the past ten years in NWE refining:  (posted 22 April 2016 in Other Work)