Jan Hein Jesse

Position: Associate Fellow
E-mail: wendy.aufdembrinke@clingendaelenergy.com

Jan-Hein Jesse joined CIEP in 2014 (and was also associated with CIEP from 2008-2012)

Work experience

31 years active in the oil & gas sector, of which ~50% in industry and ~50% in banking

Heerema Marine Contractors (naval engineer; CFO)

Royal Dutch Shell (senior M&A manager)

Chase Manhattan Bank; ING Bank; ABN AMRO Bank (head of energy finance; senior banker)


BSc Civil engineering - offshore engineering at HTS Haarlem.

MBA at Nijenrode Business School, The Netherlands incl. Wharton Business School Exchange Program, USA.

12-month full-time Corporate Finance / Investment Banking education at the Chase Manhattan Bank.

Shell courses, including Shell Group Leadership Business Program; Wharton Business School Corporate MBA Program; Harvard Business School Executive Negotiation Program; Insead Senior M&A Program.

Avicenna World Class - leadership programme, Chennai, India.

From November 2014: 2 year New Board Programme, Nijenrode Business School.


Expert to the IEA