European Energy Markets and Policy-making

General description

In this year's Energy Training we will look at the current issues shaping the European energy markets and policy-making based on CIEP research. The Energy Union and the 2030 targets will shape or frame the national policy options. In the run up to 2020, the national implementation of EU energy policy have led to cross-border impacts that were unforeseen. The financial and economic crisis, leading to lower energy demand, and the fast growth of renewables in some member states, for instance weakened the pricing of CO2 in the EU ETS. Repairing the EU ETS, an EU-wide target for renewables and regional collaboration are supposed to soften these cross-border impacts of national energy policies.

Young professionals with an active interest in European energy markets and policy-making issues can participate for free.

Date and venue

29 November 2017 at Huys Clingendael, Clingendael 7, The Hague, The Netherlands.

To apply

If you wish to register for this module please send an email to For any further information, please call Michiel Nivard at +31 (0) 70 374 6707.