From Theory to Practice:

Integrated Energy System Transition

at the Dutch Climate Tables?

General Description

Twice a year, CIEP organises a training day for young professionals and other professionals who are new to the energy sector.

Last year November’s CIEP Energy Training centred around Integrated Energy System Transition. An integrated view on the Energy System was put forward and discussed, moving away from the traditional segmentation of energy functions. The existing distinction between ‘Mobility’, ‘Electricity’, and ‘Heat’ has fostered our understanding of the complex energy system and allowed for targeted approaches to transform the energy economy. However, the electrification of transportation, residual heat from the industrial to the residential sector, and hydrogen as a fuel to connect RES, gas, and liquids, are just some of the examples where the traditional silos overlap.   

In 2018, important steps were taken by the Dutch government. The cabinet set out the government's objectives for a national climate agreement. This gave the green light to discussions on the agreement with the private sector, civil society organisations and subnational authorities. Now, the aim is to reach broad consensus on ways that the Netherlands can reduce its CO2 emissions by 49% by 2030. The ultimate aim is to come with an overarching programme for the coming years, that is supported by a great variety of important stakeholders.   

The CIEP November 2018 Energy Training is aimed at sharing practices in this extensive process with participants. One central question throughout the day will be: is integrated energy system transition brought into practice sufficiently and what lessons can we learn from the first phases of the ongoing process?

Useful material







The complete programme for the day is available for download .   

Date and venue

Thursday 29 November 2018 at Huys Clingendael, Clingendael 7, The Hague, The Netherlands.    


Registration is no longer possible. For more information, please contact Jabbe van Leeuwen through, or at +31 (0) 70 374 6707.